Car Racing – Fiesta ST, MX5 and Fiesta XR2

Fiesta Racing



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Race Pace Row

iPhone app for interval training and race pace training


Row Forecast

iPhone app for rowers, used to track performance at a range of distances, and use the data to forecast split times and race targets for competition.



PT Planner

A planning app for Personal Trainers.  This app will allow you to setup customised workouts for your clients, and send details to them by email or text message.

Each piece of equipment that you use can be set up for the specific activities that you use to make it very simple to build new workouts.


PT Planner App Icon


Four Letter Word Game (Also 3 or 5 letter word game)

Play in groups to change one letter to form new words.


Crossword Mate

App for helping to solve crossword puzzles – start by taking a photo of the puzzle, and then as you complete the clues, the app will show you what options are available for incomplete lines



Mosaic Image

iPhone app for creating mosaic images, where one large image is made up from hundreds or thousands of smaller images from your library

Mosaic Image


River Levels

iPhone app for monitoring river levels in Scotland

River Levels


Risk Assessment

iPhone and iPad app for collecting Risk Assessment data




Working Day Countdown

iPhone app to give a countdown – in working days – to your chosen target date.


Working Day COuntdown



iPhone and iPad app to help keep track of the light bulbs you need in your home – because I keep forgetting what to buy when I get to the shops!