Race Pace Row


Race Pace Row is a training tool for all rowers to help in developing race Pace, and in interval training. You set targets for pace and rate for each interval, and the app will track how well you stay on-target.


There are two modes – Race Pace or Intervals.  If you need a combination of time and distance based intervals, you can create a variable interval workout, but if you need to get an accurate timing for the overall workout, you can create a Race Pace workout, where a single distance is created on the erg, and the intervals are tracked within the app.


The pace for intervals can be defined as an absolute value, as a delta in seconds from the 2K race pace, or as a percentage difference from race pace.  For each interval you can define either a minimum and maximum value, or a single target value.  The 2K race pace is entered by the user, and interval timings will update automatically to reflect any changes in race pace as the user improves.


By default, the value displayed for pace and rate are calculated as a rolling average for the current interval, but this can be changed to display the current value instead,  if required.


The graphs show the pace and rate, with colour-coded areas for below minimum, on-target, and above maximum.  Bar charts show the percentage time spent in each of the zones, for both pace and rate.  These colours are user-configurable.


You can review your workouts within the app, and upload them to the Concept logbook to form part of your overall training record.


You can buy a cradle to support your iPhone from Concept, and a cable connection kit for use use with a PM3 or PM4


Race Pace Row Support
Race Pace Row Support