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After a bit of a gap, back to Knockhill for the SMRC meeting 10/09/17

This was a very wet race day, and the track was slippery with spilled oil as well as the water – so everyone was slow, not just me.

Testing – We shared the testing day with the BMWs, so here’s a little compilation of some sideways cars

Race 1 – First time out for a year, and in a different car from usual.  I had a good start, but quickly lost any gains I made by being too slow through the chicane (and a few other places)

Race 2 – The track was even more slippery than the first race, and I had a slow start, but it was fun.


SMRC Meeting, Knockhill 01/05/16

The second meeting of the new season was much better weather – although we had snow on the ground!

Race 1 – A bit wet, but not too bad – other than the windscreen

Race 2 – Much better weather, and the race was loads of fun


SMRC Meeting, Knockhill 03/04/16

The first meeting of the new season was wet, and the track was VERY slippery – which is why my first race was very short

Race 1 – Here’s why you should stay off the kerbs in the wet :-(

Race 2 – Started from the back because of race 1, and with a rolling start because of oil on the track!
SMRC Meeting, Knockhill 13/09/15

After some coaching from Rory Bryant – – I managed to knock a second off my lap times, which I’m very happy with!

Race 1 – Mostly dry, and loads of fun.

Race 2 – Mostly very wet, and loads of fun!


SMRC Meeting, Knockhill 21/06/15

Race 1 – A good race in the dry.

Race 2 – problem with the camera, so no video :-(


SMRC Meeting, Knockhill 03/05/15

Race 1 – Lots of rain, and the track was very slippery.  This was my first time out in a Fiesta ST, and it was great fun – and I finished in fifth place!

Race 2 – Rain, but mostly foggy, and the race was abandoned when the marshals couldn’t see from one post to the next!


SMRC Meeting, Knockhill 05/10/14

Race 1

Race 2


SMRC Meeting, Knockhill 14/09/14

Race 1

Race 2


There are a lot of other videos available on YouTube