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2018 Season


SMRC Meeting, Knockhill 07/10/18
The sun was shining for the practise day on Saturday, but we qualified and raced in pouring rain on Sunday.  It took me a while to build up speed in qualifying – and the session was red-flagged just before I finished what was meant to be my fastest lap – so I started race 1 in 8th place :-(

Race 1 – A good start from 8th on the gird, and finished in 5th.  The track was slippy with the rain, but better than qualifying, with a bit of a dry line developing

In-car coverage

Race 2 – The worst rain I have raced in, and the track was very slippery.  If that sounds like an excuse, you won’t be surprised to see the video is quite short …

In-car coverage

Here’s a short clip to show what the visibility is like – even a heated windscreen fogs up, the rain is falling and there’s spray from the other cars.  In this clip, we’re approaching the hairpin at over 90mph, and there are cars right in front of me…

In-car coverage

Here’s the full race coverage from Edinburgh College TV – SMRC-TV Coverage


SMRC Meeting, Knockhill 04-05/08/18
We were racing over two days, with three races in total. The SMRC-TV coverage has all three races in one place

Race 1 – Qualified in 5th, and finished in 5th – but with some cross-country on the way. I was trying a new approach to Duffus Dip – using 4th gear instead of 3rd so that I could carry more speed, and it worked really well – apart from the couple of times when it really didn’t!

In-car coverage

Race 2 – A better race, and another podium finish in 3rd place.

In-car coverage

Race 3 – Started 3rd, and finished 3rd. Another podium finish, but a fairly quiet race with a gap ahead and behind.

In-car coverage

SMRC Meeting, Knockhill 06/05/18
My first reverse-direction race meeting at Knockhill. Didn’t start well, with a gearbox failure on the first corner of qualifying.


Race 1 – started from the back of the grid, but never made much headway

In-car coverage

SMRC-TV Coverage

Race 2 – started a bit further up the grid in sixth place, but still not going well :-(

In-car coverage

SMRC-TV Coverage

After the meeting, we discovered that the gearbox failure had damaged the engine, and we needed a rebuild. Hopefully it will be a bit faster next time out!

SMRC Meeting, Knockhill 08/04/18

Race 1 – managed to start in 3rd, which is my best qualifying position. Wayne MacCauley had problems in the race, and I managed to move up to second place for my first podium finish.

In-car coverage

SMRC TV Coverage

Race 2 – started second on the grid, and I was leading the race by the first corner! I need to get better at the hairpin – I let two cars past me there, and missed another podium by 0.001 seconds

In-car coverage

SMRC TV Coverage

SMRC Meeting, Knockhill 08/10/17

The last race of the 2017 season was 08 October.  A little cold, but much better weather than September.  There was some excitement in the first race, with the drivers first and second in the championship both missing qualifying and starting from the back of the grid.  Everyone expected them to get to the front quickly, but they cleared most of the grid within the first lap…

Race 1 – Red flagged after the championship leader was caught up in an incident at Duffus

Race 2 – Much quieter race than the first, with a better start than usual for me!


SMRC Meeting, Knockhill 10/09/17


After a bit of a gap, back to Knockhill

This was a very wet race day, and the track was slippery with spilled oil as well as the water – so everyone was slow, not just me.

Testing – We shared the testing day with the BMWs, so here’s a little compilation of some sideways cars

Race 1 – First time out for a year, and in a different car from usual.  I had a good start, but quickly lost any gains I made by being too slow through the chicane (and a few other places)

Race 2 – The track was even more slippery than the first race, and I had a slow start, but it was fun.


SMRC Meeting, Knockhill 01/05/16

The second meeting of the new season was much better weather – although we had snow on the ground!

Race 1 – A bit wet, but not too bad – other than the windscreen

Race 2 – Much better weather, and the race was loads of fun


SMRC Meeting, Knockhill 03/04/16

The first meeting of the new season was wet, and the track was VERY slippery – which is why my first race was very short

Race 1 – Here’s why you should stay off the kerbs in the wet :-(

Race 2 – Started from the back because of race 1, and with a rolling start because of oil on the track!
SMRC Meeting, Knockhill 13/09/15

After some coaching from Rory Bryant – – I managed to knock a second off my lap times, which I’m very happy with!

Race 1 – Mostly dry, and loads of fun.

Race 2 – Mostly very wet, and loads of fun!


SMRC Meeting, Knockhill 21/06/15

Race 1 – A good race in the dry.

Race 2 – problem with the camera, so no video :-(


SMRC Meeting, Knockhill 03/05/15

Race 1 – Lots of rain, and the track was very slippery.  This was my first time out in a Fiesta ST, and it was great fun – and I finished in fifth place!

Race 2 – Rain, but mostly foggy, and the race was abandoned when the marshals couldn’t see from one post to the next!


SMRC Meeting, Knockhill 05/10/14

Race 1

Race 2


SMRC Meeting, Knockhill 14/09/14

Race 1

Race 2


There are a lot of other videos available on YouTube