Crossword Mate

Crossword Mate allows you to scan in a crossword – from a screen or print out – and then helps you to solve the puzzle, by showing you the words that fit the clue you have selected.

Other apps will help you with word choices, but Crossword Mate will let you see the completed puzzle on your iPhone or iPad as you work through the solution.

Once you have scanned in a crossword image, the puzzle is stored, so that you can return to it and solve it at your leisure.

To change a letter, double tap the cell you want to change, and swipe across or down to select a complete clue.  Once you have selected a clue, you can split it into smaller words by pressing and holding on a cell within the clue.

Crossword Mate works with both US-style and British-style crosswords, and displays both US and British spelling variations.


Crossword Mate Support
Crossword Mate Support