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A planning app for Personal Trainers.  This app will allow you to setup customised workouts for your clients, and send details to them by email or text message.

Each piece of equipment that you use can be set up for the specific activities that you use to make it very simple to build new workouts.  You can add to the existing defaults by adding new equipment types, and default values.

New workouts can be created from scratch or you can re-use existing workouts or programmes to minimise how much work is involved in setting up each new client.

You can send clients a personalised workout, configured with your own logos and details (with a subscription), and you can include photos and videos – either to demonstrate what should be done for each activity, or to show the client how they are progressing.


Privacy Policy

PT Planner is developed and supported by Carter Miller Associates (Carter Miller)

Carter Miller is committed to protect the privacy of its users (“users” or “you”). This Privacy Policy has been designed to notify you about how Carter Miller manages, collects, stores and uses your data in relation with all Carter Miller applications. Please be aware that this Privacy Policy covers only information obtained by Carter Miller via your use of PT Planner.


PTPlanner does not require you to create an account with Carter Miller, and we store no information about you.  Subscription payments that you make are made directly to Apple and not to Carter Miller.

Any information you store within PTPlanner about your clients – their name, phone number or email address – is only ever stored within PTPlanner, and is not shared with Carter Miller, and will not be sent to any third parties.

PT Planner Support
PT Planner Support